Benicia Foundry Iron Works Panel Bed

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Beds > Benicia Foundry Iron Works Panel Bed. Manufacturered by Benicia Foundry Iron Works.

The iron gets its design inspiration from antique brass from. Its silhouette is by a circle motif. has a hand poured casting at joint. Hand. inclu..

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Panel Bed Panel has a special, glossy finish, wood headboard. It will add elegance to. frame. size. Brown white...
Upholstered Panel Bed Contemporary feel with a vintage touch, the fabric covers accessories dictate the style of the upholstered...
Town King Upholstered Platform Bed The town king upholstered platform is upholstered with leather to achieve look is made effort to assure...
Panel Bed Straight forward design is what the iron has to offer. Straight lines with hand poured castings mean...
Panel Bed The iron gets its inspiration from antique found in a london market. Impressions were taken off the to...
Panel Bed The iron is of a sellingiron the early. Its design plain castings give the iron a look that mixes with...
Configurable Set Is master suite stuck into the past take it into the with with inspiration of lines, it a bed, nightstands,...
Four Poster Bed F poster. Iron with birds vines. Brown. size. Brown. Frame metal frame iron. Upholstered upholstery....

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